Service Agreement Overview
See full Terms and Conditions for specific information.

Cellular One welcomes you. If you have questions, please stop by a store, call toll free to 1-800-962-4046 or 611 on your CellOne phone, email, or mail to 28 Towne Centre, Danville, IL 61832.

By signing the front of this agreement, you acknowledge that you have received, read, understand, and agree to the Terms and Conditions explained in the separate Terms and Conditions Booklet, INCLUDING ITS BINDING ARBITRATION CLAUSE (to the extent it is applicable), as well as the separate brochure containing rates, service, equipment sale conditions and features of the selected plan(s) and any addendums, all of which are a part of your Subscriber Agreement. Specific Terms and Conditions apply to Data Services and are acknowledged with execution of this document. This page includes highlights only and there are other material terms not noted on this page.

Services are not available in all areas at all times. Services are offered only on the Cellular One home and partner network. Check with your local store for Services and network coverage. Availability of the Services and network is not guaranteed; Services are impacted by terrain, weather, equipment and other factors. Maps illustrating Services’ areas are not guaranteed.

If you terminate your service before the end of the service commitment, you are responsible for an Early Termination Fee up to $350 for each service line activated with this agreement. You are required to return all discounted phone equipment in good working condition that was received when you initiated service. If not returned, retail cost of the equipment will be applied to your final billing. If your phone is lost, stolen, disabled or you let another person use it, you are responsible for the full term of the agreement.

Cellular One wants you to be satisfied with your service. As a new first-time subscriber, you may cancel your service by written notice within 14 days of activation without paying an Early Termination Fee if the service does not meet your expectations. You will be charged for any usage fees and charges incurred through the time of termination. Upon cancellation, you will be responsible for returning all equipment, including accessories, in like-new condition in the original packaging, if a discount was given on the phone at the time of sale. A $25 restocking fee will apply. If the equipment is not returned, you will be charged for that equipment at retail cost. If you cancel after the 14-day period, you will be responsible for the Early Termination Fee.

Cellular One believes satisfaction with your phone is a key to satisfaction with our service. If within the initial 14-day period referenced above, you find you are not satisfied with your cellular phone for any reasons other than manufacturer's defects or damages resulting from user abuse, you may exchange the equipment for the desired model. The phone must be in like-new condition with less than four hours of talk time, free of scratches and other cosmetic damage, and include all accessories, documentation and packaging. You will be required to pay any additional retail price difference for the new model selected. Exchanges are limited to three. If the equipment has cosmetic damage, an exchange is not an option.

Cellular One reserves the right to suspend or cancel data services or modify speeds at any time and may dynamically adjust speeds based on time of day, network load, usage volumes or usage types. On unlimited plans, unlimited usage does not mean unreasonable usage.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines to protect Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) require the use of a password when Subscriber contacts Company for account information, including, but not limited to, information specifically connected to Subscriber’s service relationship with Company and call detail information such as services provided, dates, numbers involved, times, location, and duration of inbound and outbound calls. Please see Terms and Conditions Booklet on how to obtain information if Subscriber chooses not to use the password or forgets the password and other information on CPNI.


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